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Thursday Sep 29
2:00 PM Eastern
(New York Time)
Stuart Davis
Special guest
Stuart Davis
Executive Vice President and Group Chief AML Officer for Scotiabank’s Financial Crimes Risk Management Division
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1.8 million children are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation each year!

Understandably, much of the focus of anti-trafficking programs is on rescuing and rehabilitating victims.

As crucial as this work is, the unfortunate truth is that for every child rescued, there is a steady supply of new children to take their place.

Rescuing victims is simply not enough to stem the tide of exploitation and trafficking.

But — what if you could cut off the flow of finances driving this heinous crime?

That's the position Stuart Davis is championing as a marketplace thought leader and global finance executive.

He has leveraged his role in the financial services sector to build a public-private partnership to fight human-trafficking and child exploitation through the detection of money laundering related to child sexual exploitation.

To learn more about Stuart Davis, and the important role he is spearheading in both the private and public sector to protect children from sexual exploitation, join our next Justice Network webinar on Sept 29, at 2 pm ET (New York Time).
During this webinar, you will discover:
  • What financial institutions are involved in protecting children from exploitation
  • ​What institutions and partnerships are currently in place to fight sexual exploitation on a local and global scale
  • ​How the financial sector is a key piece in the puzzle needed to disrupt, prosecute, and bring sex offenders and traffickers to justice
  • How the private-public sector can work together to identify and shut down the online exploitation of children. 
If you desire to learn how the financial sector is helping expose the hidden community of online abusers of children, then you won't want to miss this powerful session!
Blessings as we end the online exploitation of children!
Stuart Davis
Executive Vice President and Group Chief AML Officer for Scotiabank’s Financial Crimes Risk Management Division
Stuart Davis
Stuart Davis has more than 30 years’ experience working with global financial institutions in the US and Canada, and is currently serving as the Executive Vice President and Group Chief AML Officer for Scotiabank’s Financial Crimes Risk Management Division. He has spent more than half of his career as a financial crimes risk professional, running anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions and fraud programs, as well as associated data, analytics and technology. Mr. Davis is also an ardent supporter of human rights and, since 2015, has championed financial institutions in the fight against human trafficking and online child sexual exploitation.

In 2020, he helped launch Project Shadow: a public-private partnership co-led by Scotiabank to detect and disrupt illicit financial flows from online child exploitation in Canada. Mr. Davis chairs the Canadian Banker’s Association sub-committee on AML, Money Laundering Specialists Group (MLSG), co-chairs Canada’s Department of Finance’s Advisory Committee on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (ACMLTF), and is a member of WeProtect’s policy board. In 2021, Mr. Davis joined the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, in an effort to increase the effectiveness of the financial crime risk regime, globally.
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